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BVE Weekly Meme Contest

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  • BVE Weekly Meme Contest

    📣📣 Weekly Meme Contest #3
    Making memes & having fun in
    our community is an important aspect of community growth imho.

    Therefore each week we will do a fun meme competition where the contestant makes a meme and their name will be entered on a raffle spin wheel for a chance to win prizes! Each week will have a different theme and different prize for our memes.

    We will limit the entry to 1 per holder of $BVE each week.

    The theme this week will be "THE NEXT DEGEN MEME TOKEN META CATEGORY." ie. (FRUIT, DOGS, CARS, etc)

    The prize will go to 2 (Two) winners and will be $50.00 USD worth of $BVE tokens!!

    The TWO winners will be drawn using a spinning random wheel and recorded. The two contestants that have their name spun 3x first will win! The contest will end @ 9am EST on 10/04/2. Then we will spin shortly after ending that day.

    Must hold our $BVE token to win.

    We will include people from Kekiboard to join this contest if they buy some $BVE.

    Let's have fun making memes!!
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